The Cause

Australia’s natural wonders, and the animal and plant species that call these places home, define this great country and our way of life.

The Wilderness Society protects this nature. From the river systems of the north, the old growth forests of the south, woodlands of the west and the amazing oceans that surround our country, we protect our amazing wild places and ecosystems.

Food & Nature

Nature enables people to produce food. Forests, river basins and wetlands play a critical role in food production and security. Healthy ecosystems are essential for water purification, soil formation, nutrient cycling, pest control and pollination.

We need nature to survive. We rely on it for the clean air we breathe, the clean water that supports life, and the flora and fauna that sustains us.

But nature is under threat by over development and climate change and so is the future of our food supply. If we don’t protect it now, we will pay for it later.

About Us

Australia is one of the most biodiverse continents on earth. Since we saved the iconic Franklin River from being dammed 40 years ago, our mission continues to protect the important ecosystems and habitats that we are lucky enough to enjoy.

We fight climate change. Protecting nature is an essential part of the climate change puzzle. When we stop burning fossil fuels, stop clearing our land, and start to regrow native forests instead, we not only support a healthy, functioning Australia, we store carbon in our stunning landscapes. Protecting forests and restoring Australia’s landscapes is a key part of the solution to climate change.

Our Campaigns

Our current campaigns include:

  • Updating our national environment laws to support a healthy, functioning 21st Century Australia
  • Protection of Great Australian Bight from deep water oil exploration
  • Creation of the Great Forest National Park
  • Stopping the mass erosion, biodiversity loss and carbon emissions caused by current levels of broad scale land clearing in NSW and WA
  • Working towards a national ban on coal seam gas fracking.

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